Wednesday, February 1, 2023

My BreyerFest Plans

I figured today would be a good day to talk about my personal plans for BreyerFest 2023. However, before we get started into there, let's look at our last two BF models. They are the online limited editions (you can still get them if you are going to KY, you just need to buy them through the website and have them shipped).

Say hello to. . . Studebaker!

Very pretty! She looks long and elegant, and her pattern is perfectly laid out - not too busy, not too boring. She will definitely be popular, but will not be trotting into my collection. The mold is just too long. And she is so head on, photos of her end up looking weird and stretched. I have Omega Fahim (who's color I love), and I'm content not getting anymore. My favorite part of the mold is the sweet face. Her name is interesting. . . all I can see anytime I read it is: 

If you don't get it, click here.

The SM Online LE is on the ever popular Django mold. Well nuts. I was hoping to be content with *ahem*six*ahem* BF Stablemates this year.

I really feel that this little dude should have a facial marking. A big star would be ideal, but most anything would work. I like him anyway though. Why does everything have to be so doggone glossy?! I'll probably buy him despite that though, because he will just look so good next to my RR Django.

Alright, now here's my BF plans, as promised. :)

I will be attending virtually this year. As much as I would love to go this year, it's just not in the realm of possibility. First of all, it's not in the model horse budget. Second of all, when I go, I will go with my family, as they would like to visit a museum on the way and it only makes sense to carpool (it's a huge trip for a North-Western PA person like me!). There are other reasons too, but I don't need to discuss them.

As for virtual activities, I will be doing the diorama contest (probably), shopping, browsing, taking some workshops, and participating in whatever "new BF activities for CC members" Breyer was illuding to in the January newsletter. Knowing them it's probably like a coloring contest.

For models, I will be buying Wells, Hark, the BoBF set, Teamster, and Buggy (of course I will be getting Bravour as well, but he comes with my ticket so not really "buying him" per say). I will also be picking up q couple of the smaller scale RRs.

I'll probably find more stuff I need as July gets closer, but for now that's it.

So, who are you guys getting?

Tuesday, January 31, 2023

DeJAH Vu: BreyerFest 1993

Since BreyerFest tickets go on sale tomorrow, I thought it would be nice to start off the DeJAH Vu series with a 1993 article about the world's 4th BreyerFest reprinted from Just About Horses® magazine with permission from Breyer.




An Indepth Look

by Debra Hannigan

"BreyerFest became Breyermania for 48 hours as thousands of people arrived in Kentucky to buy, sell and trade anything Breyer. The beautiful Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky was the site of BreyerFest '93, which was part of the Kentucky Horse Fair, on July 30 and 31.

Some refer to the park as the "Disney-land" for horse lovers. "The horse park is so wonderful, " said Peter Stone of Breyer. "The atmosphere there is so appropriate for this event.

At 8:00 am, 6 finishing touches on their model horse displays for the live model show . The 16 major categories saw hundreds of original finish and customized Breyer models competing for Grand Champion awards.

BreyerFest attracts people from all over the United States. Many families

plan their summer vacations for this special event.

"It's a frenzy, really," said Stone. "All year long Breyer fans operate in sort of a private world. This allows them the opportunity to interact with other collector's."

For many collectors and vendors, BreyerFest never sleeps. One hotel, the Holiday

Inn North, which hosts many BreyerFest fanatics, experienced an all-night sell-athon. Many collectors opened their hotel rooms and posted handmade signs in the lobby to sell and trade their Breyer treasures. One woman bought a customized United States Equestrian set of three models for an amazing $1375!

"What's so impressive about Breyer collecting is that models are passed down from generation to generation, making it a family-oriented activity," Stone said.

Children of all ages were delighted with the appearance of Grayingham Lucky Lad at this year's BreyerFest. "Everybody loved Lucky Lad," an enthusiastic Stone reported. "He stood still while all the children were able to pet him . He was massive . "

The huge Shire stands 18 hands high and weighs 2100 pounds. This year's BreyerFest model depicts Lucky Lad with painted red and white show ribbons, just like the real Lad. Each of the 1500 people who attended the Friday night dinner not only feasted on fried chicken and barb-b-que but also exclusively received the Lucky Lad model.

Another big winner at BreyerFest was The Misty of Chincoteague Foundation. An auction at Friday night’s dinner raised $28,000, which upped the Foundation’s treasury to $109,000. The Misty Foundation’s goal is to purchase the original Beebe property, restore it, and open it as a museum. To do this, the foundation needs approximately $250,000. Part of the money raised came from the raffle of 20 limited-edition models. Also on the auction block were several very special Breyer models (refer to JAH 20/02 for details).

Although the live model show and the Old Kentucky Night Dinner are the main attractions of BreyerFest, many other happenings drew crowds also. Nearly 60 vendors were on hand to sell new and old Breyer models, t-shirts, and a variety of accessories. Breyer fanatics snatched up everything they could. One die-hard even took the Breyer banner, off the barn wall, home as a souvenir.

Peter Stone, himself, has become somewhat of a legend at BreyerFest. Wherever Stone would go, his autograph-seeking "groupies" were sure to follow. Someone even purchased Stone's hat for $35 during the auction!

During BreyerFest, Peter Stone gave a seminar about Breyer. He spoke about the history and philosophy of the company and also opened up the hour-and-a-half discussion to a questions and answer period. Stone believes that collecting Breyer models is a growing phenomenon. Adults who originally played with the figures as children, now represent part of the hard core collectors, the other part being the children. What started as a novelty toy is now a real collectible. The value of a Breyer model, like any other collectible, is determined by its history and its demand among collectors. Stone feels that Breyer definitely exhibits these characteristics. BreyerFest reinforced this as thousands of people were prepared with their lists of desired models.

BreyerFest showed us another growing trend, customizing model horses.Detailed painting and added accessories are part of the allure of customizing. One particular model that Stone says stood out at BreyerFest was a mare giving birth to a foal. The detailed work was superb. BreyerFest gives artists a chance to exchange design information and techniques. The demand and comradeship are so great that model groups are springing up all over. The International Model Horse Association is one of many that has been formed.

If you were not one of those fortunate enough to make the trek to the picturesque Kentucky Horse Park, you may be able to catch a glimpse of BreyerFest on television. Prime Network’s Horseworld, a national cable television show about horses, will broadcast a segment about BreyerFest throughout the coming month. Check your local cable listing for details on Horseworld.

Although the annual two-day excitement is over, the excitement over Breyer Models continues to grow. Whether they were wowed by the enormity of Lucky Lad or by the experience of meeting the “Breyer man,” Peter Stone, model horse fans were treated to a real fest of Breyer this year.

Stay tuned for next year’s plans!" (Hannigan, 1993). 

Hannigan, D. (1993, Winter, Vol. 20). BreyerFest 1993: An Indepth Look. Just About Horses, pages 12-13, 21.

Text and images reprinted with permission of Breyer Animal Creations, a division of Reeves International, Inc. Breyer®, BreyerFest®, and Just About Horses® are trademarks of Reeves International, Inc.

See below for photos from the article.

Page 12

Page 13

Page 12

For more photos pertaining to models available at BF '93, visit this link: IDYB BF 1993.

PLEASE NOTE: These articles are not public property. Please do not take them from my blog and re-post them. You may post a link to my blog, but do not re-post the content as your own. This should go without saying, but I must say it. I went through the company and obtained formal permission. Just because I was granted allowance does not mean that your use of it is okay. If you would like to use it, you need to contact the company and ask first. Thank you.

If you enjoyed reading this article, let me know! These are a lot of work (this one took me over two hours to prepare, fact check, scan, transfer and resize). It's really encouraging to hear from happy readers.
If there is a subject you would like me to look for an article on, please tell me! I may be able to do it next. :) Thank you for reading!

Monday, January 30, 2023

Collection Collective ~ Grab Bag Style

 You all had some pretty great ideas there in the comments of the last Collection Collective! I had so much fun picking pretty ponies that I couldn't narrow it down to 2 or 3. You get a mix of models! 

AJ said she likes dark bay and black paints, and palomino and flaxen chestnuts.

Here ya go, AJ!

Not really black, but Grulla is close enough! :)

AC said that she liked Moody, Prosser, and Eberl.

Unfortunately, I do not have an Alborozo, and I am down to one Alby SM. The Alby SM is a WIP. I do have plenty of Moodys, including a Wilder, no Patrick's Vindicator (I don't collect that mold currently), but I do have some Prossers. Sadly, I had a lapse in memory and forgot to pull my BGB down (I have Stella on her). Don't know how I missed that. 😅 I did get one of my Zippos though! And two Eberl Arab types.

Such a work in progress lol

Hope this was a fun one! These horses may show up in other ones, with more details and photos. This was just a quick photo dump style since I'm low on time tonight. Hope you liked it! As always lmk what other types you would like to see. :)

Saturday, January 28, 2023


Remember that kinda new addition post I've been referring to? This is it!

Last week I was browsing MH$P, and I ran across an ad with a highly intriguing title: "FREE - OLD JAH MAGAZINES!". I immediately contacted the seller, and paid for the shipping. The seller was Diane Keil, and I cannot recommend her enough! She was so amazing, and even sent it the shipping method I preferred! I received the magazines on Wednesday. They are in amazing condition. Perfectly mint, one even has the paper renewal sleeve still on it! They are the complete selection (including BreyerFest pamphlets and posters) from 1992-2002.

I really want to take these and retype out the articles, and take pictures and scans of the photographs, so I can post them on here for everyone to see. This sort of thing needs to be more available so new hobbyists can learn more about the hobby history! I emailed June Banker, Breyer's Media Room person, and she gave me the okay to do this, providing I cite my sources and do it the formal way. :) I am just finishing up my correspondence with her and finalizing the details, and then I will be able to start using them. I hope this will be a new asset to beginner hobbyists. 

(PLEASE NOTE: These articles are not public property. Please do not take them from my blog and re-post them. You may post a link to my blog, but do not re-post the content as your own. This should go without saying, but I must say it. I went through the company and obtained formal permission. Just because I was granted allowance does not mean that your use of it is okay. If you would like to use it, you need to contact the company and ask first. Thank you.)

I can't start the series until I finish talking to June. You can expect to see the first post show up within a week. They won't be all in a row, just sporadically thrown in now and again. There are tons of them!

Here are some photos:

Peter Stone!

Found this cool sticker in-between the pages of one of the 1996 JAHs!

Wednesday, January 25, 2023


 Busy busy! Sorry for the absence. I have the BF Horses in this post as well as some light housekeeping for the blog.

On Sunday, I had a spider in my studio area, which effectively prevented me from entering. I am severely arachnophobic. It disappeared a couple days ago (please do not suggest it is "hidden" as I have successfully convinced myself it left lol).

I saw all of your awesome suggestions in the collection collective post, and I am pulling some cool horses off the shelves to share with you! Hopefully that will be ready to post by Saturday. :) Thank you for the fantastic requests! And my Irish SH just may become a Hanoverian.

There were some BF reveals this week, starting with the last limited edition. Her name is Tilly, and she is a sabino MARE on Othello.

I really like her but not enough to need her.

The crystal. I don't collect crystals, but this girl is pretty!

The Best of BF set.

I LOVE this set. Mostly because of the fireheart and magnolia. I might get the set for those two, and sell or trade the others (I'd be on the fence on keeping the blanket appy). The close ups on each are below.

Who's your favorite??

Pssssst. . . I have a fantastic (sorta new arrival style) post coming this week! I'm so so so excited about it!!!