Saturday, January 27, 2024

Never Have I Ever (Breyer Version)

Before we start today's post, I want to say thank you for the feedback! It sounds like a mini giveaway would be well received, so I am working on putting that together. Expect to see one in the next couple months!

This game has been circulating around the hobby this past week, and I thought it might be fun to post my results. This challenge is created by Sputter Moo Productions.

Never have I ever. . .

Owned a lady phase:

No point here! I have indeed owned a Lady Phase. Two of them, in fact. I have the old black leopard appaloosa (she's the same model as the one on the right in the Sputter Moo pic) and I also have Jolene, the 2023 TSC SR Dunalino.

Gone to BreyerFest:

Point! I am supposing Sputter Moo is referring to in-person BF, so I do not qualify. I was planning on attending in 2020 (I already had tickets, road plans, reserved hotel rooms, etc) but the 'Rona happened and that went out the window. I have attended online since 2020 though.

Touched a vintage deco:

Touched one? I own one! I have a woodgrain Arabian foal. No point.

Owned run of <100:

Yep. I got two. I have my two glossy prize models (Bravour 54 and Nikolas). No point.

Customized a model:

Oh yeah, I have customized a model. Many, many models. Absolutely no point here!

Squeezed a blind bag:

Done this so many times that it's becoming embarrassing to enter my TSC. There's always some really weird looks! I think I was the first person to do it in one TSC that I visited while at a Dr. appt in a nearby big city. The cashier literally stopped and stared. I smiled and cheerfully continued massaging the plastic ponies. No point.

Owned an Adios:

Whoo, I nearly got a point here! I just purchased my first(!) Adios at the end of last year. Narrowly missed a point there.

Sold my models:

Uh, NO?! Never?? I'm a black-hole collector. If it enters my collection, odds are that it will always be there. My models have brought me through some really hard times, so I refuse to abandon them. 😜 Point!

Been to BreyerWest:

No. I live too far away for that! I'd love to someday though. I may have to dress as Princess Buttercup though, since I think BW is turning into the hobby's comic-con. Point.

Stood in SR tent line:

Point. Nope, I have never been to BF, so no tent lines for me.

Spent too much at the CHIN room sales:

Well, not at the real CHIN, but certainly at the online versions! I have spent. . . a lot more than intended. . . at the online sales around BF. However, I think Sputter Moo meant in-person, so point for me.

Asked for sales list via snail mail:

Close! I almost did this once, but I managed to get the girl on the phone. Point!

Own a deco:

Yep. I don't adore most of them, but I do have some.

Ever had a Conga

Uh huh! I've got me a pretty herd of SM Cantering Warmbloods!

Owned a traditional Alborozo:

No. I wanted to buy one once (only $400!) but the timing was not right. Point!

Talk to your models:

Um, don't judge. No point for me here.

Been to a live show:

No. Not much doing here in PA, and the timing is wrong whenever there is one. Point!

Showed in a photo show:

Of course I have! I've also judged many and hosted. No point.

Collected Mini Whinnies:

I do not actively collect Mini Whinnies, but I do have several. This counts I think, so no point.

Accidentally bought a model I already owned:

Not on accident. I have bought duplicates for a body and then they. . . accidentally. . . stayed OF. They were just too nice to repaint!!  So, point?

Owned a Khemosabi:

No. I have taste. (Lol.) Point!

Called Khemosabi "Khemosausage":

I am guilty of this. No point.

Won a BF raffle:

No, I've never won a model horse raffle (although I have won the contests). Point!

Collected variations of one model:

Yep! I have several models with their twins. No point.

Bought a model purely because it was rare:

Absolutely I've done this. I've done this so many times. No point.

I traded for this one, purely because she was rare.

Let them fight:

When I was a child, yes. My Dan Patch frequently battled it out with others. No point.

Experienced model horse dominoes:

Who hasn't? Especially if you own pets. No point.

Owned a PAS:

I have two PAS. One is a shrinky! No point.

Owned a resist dapple:

I have a few. . . at least three, maybe four.

Owned a run of <25:

No. My prize models are 60 piecers. Point for me!

Met Bloaty:

Unfortunately, point. I have never gotten to meet this legend. Someday, Mr. Bloaty! Someday we shall meet.

Owned a Vintage Club model:

Point! I have yet to buy a VC model. I typically don't care for them.

Took a model on vacation just because:

I think I did this about ten years ago, but I'm not 100% sure. We'll be fair and assume I did, so no point.

Owned a blue model:

Yep! I have Blue, the FFA ornament horse. He's a body, but I do own him, and he isn't primed yet. No point.

Read the whole list:

I read the list, and blogged the list. No point!

Total: 14 points.

Well, that was fun! Post in the comments what your total was, and where the points came from! Big thank you to Sputter Moo for the list, and Jennifer for circulating it among the hobbyists without FB. :)

Monday, January 22, 2024

Hobby Slump and Covid

My backyard during the snowstorm.

Neighbor's backyard after the snow storm.

(Sorry, the pics are outdated. There's a LOT more snow at my house now.)

The first half of December was really good. The second half was not so good. Don't get me wrong, Christmas is always very special and wonderful (especially when spent with family), but getting Covid immediately after is not fun. I was down with it for about a week.
January's been bad too. I fell into a hobby slump after my Covid, and just haven't been doing much. All of my chronic conditions flared too, so it sapped both energy and ambition. (I'm doing better now, just a few lingering issues which should be cleared up at my next Dr appointment.)
Since I last wrote, I have *checks notes, becomes concerned about personal spending habits* more than thirty new model horses to write about. Among them is a very special little fella who I am very excited to show off. Fingers crossed this snow stops flying soon so I can snap some good pics of him!
Oh, I also have the collab horse. ;)

In the meantime, enjoy some random pics of my camera roll depicting some current works in progress. I apologize for the horrific mess that is my desk.

Closing thought: Would any of my readers like to see a giveaway featuring a collection of miniatures? I'm thinking things like polymer clay model horse acc., mini candies (like pictured above), mini chip bags, etc. Let me know in the comments!!

Thursday, December 7, 2023

Room Renovation

 Been wondering what's keeping me so busy lately? I'll tell you, in a picture:

That is a part of a room in my basement that was once an unfinished room that belonged to my cats and is now in the process of being turned into a functional horse/hobby storage room. It is a nightmarishly large job, and several times I thought I might start crying lol. The first step was tearing up the 40yr old carpet that the cats have been. . . ummm. . . destroying. . . if you know what I mean. It took two days, but it's all out now. I was sore for a week afterwards (carpet removal is not friendly on old joint injuries!).

Good music helps! (Haha, just noticed that the song playing in the pic seems pretty appropriate!)

I went through so many blades cutting that Satan hide!

*In a disgusted voice* Look at all that ancient mastic. Ugh.

You starting to understand why I wanted to cry? Bad cats.

The process was very tedious. every inch had to be scraped/forced up using a putty knife, then the top layer sliced with a utility knife, then the bottom layer torn by brute force.

The general mess from it being a pet room for more than twenty years did not help.

Naughty Primrose!

The whole room needs gone over though, not just the carpet. The white panels need touched up, the trim needs tidied, and everything that is pink (the accent boarding) is turning a light aqua. New carpet will go in eventually (darkish grey, hoping to find a variegated-ish one), plus shelving and general fixing. The mantle will stay the same, just some paint rubs that need gone over.

Floor to ceiling wall length white L bracket shelves will line the one wall, and the other will have my (new) desk. The far wall is the fireplace and the other is the door, general hobby storage, and anything else that needs adding. I like spending a lot of time around my collection and hobby points, so furniture will need to go down too.

I'm excited and frustrated with the process at the same time. I have an estimated target of summer-fall of 2024 for a finishing date. Fingers crossed!

I mentioned the new desk:

Sorry for the mess in the photo. That's what happens when you renovate a pet room lol. I bought the desk at a local yard sale late this summer, I think for $20. It's not in the best of shape, but it is precisely what I wanted shape-wise. I'm really pleased with it. (It's going to go on the opposite wall. The wall behind it in this photo is going to hold the floor to ceiling shelves.)

Okay, I think that's it for this post. Thanks for sticking with me. :) I have a lot of new ponies to post about too, and I'm hoping to do that this weekend. Maybe I can schedule something so I make sure it goes out. I think I have eight to share about, maybe nine. Oh yes! Nine. My, I need to stop adopting pitiful plastic ponies. I didn't realize I bought that many!

Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Sorta Kinda New Releases

This weekend I was sifting through some photos on the new releases for the clubs and BF, and I decided a late post was better than none.

Vail! Our winter 2023 Deco. Run of 1000 pieces at a price of $185 (if you get lucky enough to be drawn).

Athenian Lady! Our BF celebration model for next year. I love the real mare, and the model is stunning. I wish they had added mapping on the nose (they proved with Adamek that that was possible), but she's pretty without too. 

Kirk! 2024 Vintage club piece, a glossy dapple grey nightlight. I think this piece is really stellar, and I'm tickled to see the concept on a modern mold. I won't be joining the club, but I know for a fact he will be popular among those who do.

Tigerlily and Firestorm! What a beautiful pair. Again, I won't be buying these, but I look forward to seeing their future colors. The foal's mold isn't really doing it for me, but I think the mare ill be very nice next to the True North mold (or the Cantering Warmblood Traditional. Or whatever we're calling him now).

Augustus! He is the new sculpt for the 2024 SM Club. I love him! So chubby! I won't join the club for him, and I probably won't buy him on the secondary, (unless I find one near to cost, and that won't happen), but I am so so excited for his first RR of BF release! Squeeee! So cute!!

The Swirls and Snowflakes, Christmas SMs! So cute, but nothing I need. They will be available to CC members tomorrow afternoon at 1pm.

Alrighty, I think that's it. :) Fingers crossed for some new BF information soon! I can hardly wait.

Thursday, November 2, 2023

New Additions That Were . . . Missed??

 Well, not sure how that happened. I managed to miss publishing the post about the other two horses I bought from the auction. Sorry about that.

First up, SDS Menthol Burns, AKA Ice.

Such detailed mohair!

Pretty glass eyes!

Very nice dorsal stripe.

Leg barring!!!

Nicely done horseshoes.

This picture just turned out funny so I added it. :)

Isn't he nice for $12? He's in excellent condition, considering his past. His hair was still wrapped in the plastic sleeves. The only thing he was missing was his base (which I'm okay with, since I find bases are a nuisance). For those wondering, he is the 2008-2009 Best In Show QH.

Second! And this one has a story at the end. SDS Attack of the Mailman, AKA Randy.

Gorgeous dapples!!

I love those dapples. Randy is the 2008-2009 Best In Show Arabian. He is in fair condition given his age, but is really no better than shelf or low PSQ. Part of that is because of what happened at the auction.

So, the auctioneer is actually a family member of a friend of mine, and his name is Randy. When he's not auctioneering, he works as a mailman for USPS.

Anyway, the table was going "choice", so I was standing there, waiting for them to finish with the other junk on the table (some diecast cars, magazines, and a huge Michael Jackson wall memoriam [it sold for $18!!]), when suddenly, Randy (the man) strikes one of the wall hangings off the wall above the table (by accident, of course). The picture fell directly onto this little Arab. In retrospect, it was rather humorous, but in the moment I was pretty frustrated. I ended up buying the Arab for $5.

What is happening to me? I never used to like glossies, decos, or mohairs. In the last three months, I have purchased one glossy deco and two mohairs! Shock and horror, could my collecting tastes be shifting?? I hope not; models being produced in gloss have saved me a lot of money over the years!!